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Random Stuff

Just an assortment of random things i've made and not posted in a while...
no preview since I only have 9 things to share.

Stock Icons (3)
Michigan Football Icons (3)
Mortal Instruments Icons (2)
[side note: GREAT BOOkS! read them!]
Random banner with my favorite books (1)

follow me hobbitses!Collapse )

The Host > Twilight > Real Life

Yes, I do actually think The Host is better than Twilight *gasp*. Not particularly the characters, but I do love the characters a ton! But because of the plot mainly. Anyway, I dont really want to go into that right now. I'd just like to post these icons and go to bed...
Consider my icon as the preview.
The Host Icons (11)
"The Notebook" Background (1)
(very slight spoiler)

 Tada! New obsession to add to the long list... FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! woot!
Ok so the Twilight icons are kinda a mix between FNL and Twilight; basically I assigned a 'position' to each of the Cullens (plus Jacob and Bella; minus Rosalie and Esme) and used pictures of FNL in the background.
I'm aware it's too late for valentines day stuff but oh well get over it, the doodle is cute. ;)

1-2 Friday Night Light Icons
B1-B3 Friday Night Light Banners!
3-9 Twilight Characters (Football Style)
1 Valentines Day Doodle


These are a few of my favorite things...

 Steven Strait screen caps and Icons!!!!!! BECAUSE HE IS ALL WONDERFUL AND SEXY, with his sexilicous voice. (oh and a few banners)
Twlight Icons
and one The Office icon. sad hu?


So many men, so little time... ;)
30 Icons!!! 
7 - Pushing Daisies
6 - The Office
5 - Gaspard Ulliel
5 - Steven Strait 
4 - Twilight
2 - Henry Cavill
1 - Harry Potter (In the hood)
Very Very slight spoiler for New Moon if you haven't read it. 
Spoilers for "Money" (just pictures of it). 4x04
No Pushing Dasies spoilers, even I haven't seen it yet, I know, sad. :(

TheOffice and Twlight Icons! :)

Yay!!! The Season premimer of The Office was AMAZING!!! So i have a few icons from that and just general ones from the office and a few Twilight ones. Also, spoilers for "Fun Run".
11 The Office icons
7 Twilight icons
(FYI, the Twilight icons are not all Team Jacob, there's also team Edward, relax.)
No credit needed just comment please! :)

Twilight and Harry and the Potters Icons

NEw icons! Er..there are two cuts, they both work. sorry about that.
-3 Harry in the Potter lyrics
-8 Twilight
-1 SNL
more behind the cut (as usual)

More Twilight Series Icons!

:) more icons...I don't think there are any spoilers but i'll make a cut anyways.....
-10 Twilight Series Icons! 


*there's no need to credit just comment please! :)

New moon and Eclipse Icons

Icons icons icons!!!
I spent all afternoon makeing these and it's the first time I've made them so be nice. :)  
These are mainly quotes from "New Moon" and "Eclipse" and some others. Spoilers, so go behind the cut.
-16 Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse Icons


More can be found behind cut: 

Jacob Black

Who doesn't feel at least a little bad for jacob? I mean common you gotta give the guy some credit. I felt really bad for him so I made him this even though I'm not even though I'm not a hardcore Jacob fan. (I'm actually very torn at the moment)
Here's the link to the little colage I did. (spelling?) IT CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM ECLIPSE SO BEWARE!!!!!


Also, I figured out a song that's PERFECT for Jacob. "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts.

**new icon thanks to http://charmingnotion.livejournal.com/ (the one of kevin) and the jacob one is by http://wickedverdigris.livejournal.com/**